3 Different Types of Printers

May 25,2022

There are various types of printers in the market, when choosing a printer, we must pay attention to the needs of the printer we use, let's look at which printer is more suitable for you.




Needle printer


Needle printers are generally used in banks, hospitals, hotels and catering industry, so we should pay attention when choosing a printer, do not choose blindly, but according to their own needs to choose. Needle printer is through the print head in the 24 needles hit the copy paper, so as to form the font, the more needles, the better the quality of printing.


Inkjet printers


The standard for evaluating the quality of inkjet printers is DPI, so you should pay attention when buying inkjet printers. dpi is the inkjet printer itself shows the number of dots per inch that can be printed by the inkjet printer. The higher the dpi value when printing in monochrome, the better the printing effect. Mainly used for image text printing, general office and home more.


Laser printers


Laser printers use electronic imaging technology, high print quality, high speed, low noise, low cost of use, high print load and other advantages, occupying the mainstream of office printing equipment. The main good and bad can be distinguished from the print speed, print speed below 30ppm, 40-120ppm, 130-300ppm were low vulgar, medium speed and high speed laser printers.


The above is about the types of printers, I hope it can help you!