Common Problems of Laser Engraving Machine

January 18,2022

There are some troubles in the use of the laser engraving machine. We summarize the following points for you.


laser engraving machine


👉The installation fulcrum of the laser tube must be reasonable and within one-fourth of the total length of the laser tube.


If it is not installed in this way, the spots of the laser tube will deteriorate, for example, the light will become less, the laser power will decrease, and the tube of the laser engraving machine will be replaced continuously.


👉Check the focusing mirror and reflector.


The support of the mirror will heat up and the surface of the lens will rust. Some mirrors with this function need to be replaced. In particular, many customers use large air pumps and air compressors, so the water on the water injection lens is very fast. It must check the lens on time, such as cleaning the optical path system of the laser engraving machine.


👉The processing of the base plate and materials shall be flat.


Otherwise, the focal length will be inconsistent and some parts cannot be cut well. In this case, the light intensity should be increased to make the laser tube age rapidly.


👉The power must match.


Each part and contact of all power supplies of the laser engraving machine must be good, and the computer shall be powered independently.


👉The working environment of the laser engraving machine should not be too bad.


Too much dust will damage the machine in a bad environment. Therefore, improving the working environment is an important way for machine maintenance.


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