Core Technology of Inkjet Printer

May 12,2022

The rapid development of industry brings opportunities to more industries. Inkjet printer is one of them. More and more enterprises pay more attention to product quality, safety, and traceability. Therefore, inkjet printer identification has become the preferred equipment. With the continuous maturity of inkjet printer equipment in technology, it is more and more widely used in the industry.


inkjet printer


Charging control technology of ink dot


From ink line separation to ink dot, from ink dot charging to splitting to deflection and recovery, which requires mature and stable control procedures.


Phase detection technology of ink dot


More phase detection can obtain a higher phase-detection resolution, to ensure a good printing effect. This technology is an important factor to determine the printing quality and speed * of inkjet printers, which also requires a mature and stable control program.


Control technology of ink viscosity and temperature


Ensuring stable ink viscosity and temperature can ensure the stability of charging splitting, to achieve a stable printing effect without being affected by the environment, which requires good structure and engineering fluid design.


Automatic sealing technology


It can prevent the nozzle from contacting the air in the nonworking state, that is, how to make as few sundries as possible enter the ink system of the inkjet printer in the working process - the method adopted is the low vacuum recovery technology.


Automatic cleaning control technology


This technology includes the automatic cleaning function of the on-off machine, which aims to ensure the normal operation of the inkjet printer at any time, which needs to be controlled by a perfect control program.


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