How Are Prints Made On Clothes?

July 07,2022

There are many types of printing, and the sources of patterns can also be said to be diverse. How are prints made on clothes? What techniques are there? Let's discuss it together!




Screen Printing


Screen printing belongs to orifice screen printing. It refers to the use of screen-making technology, combined with photosensitive glue, and through a certain pressure, the dye is directly infiltrated into the clothing fabric through the mesh.


We can simply understand the printing plate as a light-transmitting template, and the mesh glue can seal the area other than the design. And screen printing substrates are quite extensive, in addition to textile fabrics, it can also be glass, metal, ceramics and many other materials.


Digital Printing


In fact, the concept of digital textiles first appeared at the International Textile Exhibition held in France in 1999 and the Digital Textile Conference held in Barcelona, Spain. The concept of digital textile can be understood as changing the traditional manual operation into an intelligent and networked operation, and has greatly promoted the development of the textile industry.


Heart Transfer Print


The basic concept of digital transfer printing is to use a printer to print the pattern on a special paper (dye sublimation paper), and then use a heating machine to transfer the pattern on the paper to the fabric by heating and pressing.


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