How much do You Know about Heat Transfer Printing?

August 03,2022

Heat transfer printing is a new method of printing patterns on goods of various materials, which is especially suitable for making a small number of personalized and customized goods, as well as printing patterns containing full-color images or photos. The principle is to print the digital pattern on the special transfer paper with special transfer ink through the printer, and then use the special transfer machine to accurately transfer the pattern to the commodity surface at high temperature and high pressure to complete the commodity printing.


heat transfer printing


Transfer principle


The color pattern is printed on the heat-resistant substrate film in advance (through release treatment), and then it is transferred to the surface of the product by hot stamping with special transfer equipment. The quality of the heat transfer process is reliable, the technology is stable, and the good material formula is closely matched with the equipment.


Transfer tool


  • Heat transfer equipment


The heat transfer machine is the general name of the machines used in heat transfer technology. Heat transfer machines include flat hot stamping machines, high-pressure hot stamping machines, shaking head hot stamping machines, cup baking machines, pan baking machines, hat baking machines, and other heat transfer machines.


  • Heat transfer paper


Various patterns are printed on a special kind of paper with special heat transfer ink, and then the patterns are transferred to the product through temperature and pressure. This special paper in the heat transfer process is called heat transfer paper. Transfer printing refers to the printing process of transferring dyes to fabrics through transfer paper. According to the sublimation characteristics of some disperse dyes, the disperse dyes sublimated at 150~230 ° C are selected and mixed with the slurry to make "color ink". Then, according to the requirements of different design patterns, the "color ink" is printed on the transfer paper (this is a special paper, so it is called transfer paper), and then the transfer paper printed with patterns is in close contact with the fabric. Under the control of a certain temperature, pressure, and time, It enters the fabric through diffusion, to achieve the purpose of coloring.


  • Heat transfer film


The heat transfer film is mainly used in plastic transfer. The carrier of heat transfer film is different from wood grain paper. It is made of pet/PVC/cp and other materials, but the characteristics of each material are different.


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