Precautions for Maintenance of Inkjet Printer

June 10,2022

  1. Inkjet ink is conductive. If it is spilled on the circuit board, it should be wiped with anhydrous alcohol and dried before being powered on, otherwise, the circuit components will be damaged.


inkjet printer


  1. Do not disassemble the nozzle with electricity. Do not place the nozzle in a place prone to static electricity. Do not hold the metal part of the nozzle when taking it, to avoid damage to the internal circuit of the nozzle due to static electricity.


  1. Do not blow directly into the nozzle or other ink pipelines with your mouth to prevent saliva from polluting the pipeline and affecting the smoothness of the ink.


  1. The inkjet printer shall be used in a clean air environment, especially to prevent rats from biting the ink pipeline.


  1. The ink of some printers is limited by the use temperature, which can give full play to the best performance of the ink within the specified temperature range. For example, the operating temperature of Canon BJ printer ink is -10 ℃ ~ +35 ℃. When the ambient temperature is lower than -10 ℃, the printer ink may freeze; When the ambient temperature is above 35 ℃, the chemical stability of the ink may also be affected.
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