Should I buy a home printer?

September 17,2021

Home printers has always been awkward among home appliances, and they are not used much but they are sometimes needed. Home printers can print for some factories, such as printing china oem display light pictures for shelf light factory and china oem linear light pictures for freezer light factory.


Confusing: dot matrix printer, inkjet printer, laser printer... which one should I choose?


Actually, it depends on your needs, use and your budget.


If a machine is cheap but the consumables are expensive, the user of this machine will certainly not find it easy to use. What is the most important printer? speed? Function? cpu? RAM? hard disk? No, no, not at all! It is cost of use!


home printer


Ask yourself the following questions before buying


1. How many sheets can be printed in a month?

If you can't even use 100 sheets a month, then there is no need to buy a printer at all, and it's a waste at all.


It is recommended to go directly to the print shop, a few cents is very cost-effective, after all, it is not easy to make some money.


2. What documents are mainly printed? A3 format or A4 format? Black and white documents or color photos?


If you only print black and white a4 files, laser printers are most suitable, with cheap consumables, high stability, and basically no maintenance in the later stage.


How to choose a laser printer?

If you need to print color documents and photos, it is best to choose the "ink cartridge type" inkjet printer, and never choose the "cartridge type".


"Ink cartridge type" is the original continuous supply, you can add ink directly, "cartridge type" can only replace the ink cartridges, do not buy a modified continuous supply machine, the failure rate is particularly high, and the manufacturer refuses to guarantee, no warranty.


The "cartridge type" inkjet printer is entirely an IQ test series. The most representative models are: hp111, the machine costs 200 yuan, and the ink cartridge is more than 100 yuan for a set.


Epson/Canon/HP/Brothers all have ink cartridge type inkjet printers. It is not convenient to disclose the specific model. I am afraid that someone will say that it contains private goods. Just remember not to buy "cartridge type".


How to choose an inkjet printer?


Ink tank type is preferred! Do not buy cartridge type! If the inkjet printer is not used

frequently, it is easy to block the head, generally perform the nozzle cleaning procedure.


The nozzle cleaning method of inkjet printer


It is recommended to find professional after-sales service personnel to help replace and clean. Because the printer has a relatively high threshold and it is not easy to get started, you have to solve some small problems yourself, such as driver installation, how to remove the jammed paper, how to replace the toner cartridge, or what to do if the nozzle is blocked?


If you have a poor ability to do it yourself and don't know anything about electronic products, it is recommended not to buy it online. It is best to go to a physical store. Larger stores usually have door-to-door service.



The printing volume is large and mainly black and white documents. Black and white laser printers are preferred. They print more color documents. They also print photos. Choose ink cartridge inkjet printers. Some china oem retail light suppliers choose to print to help promote sales.