The Difference Between Bronzing Machine and Heat Transfer Printing

July 20,2022

The word "hot" of the bronzing machine is the same as that of the heat transfer machine, which uses high temperature to press the film to make the film appear on the substrate. Then why do we say that the bronzing machine and the heat transfer machine are two completely different machines? What is the difference between the two?


heat transfer printing


The bronzing machine focuses on the word "gold", giving people a sense of delicacy and valuableness. Of course, everyone knows that this layer of gold is not real gold, but when you hold up the printing product and see the shiny golden luster, will you think the product is more advanced? When you touch that layer of three-dimensional feeling, will you rub it back and forth? What the bronzing machine uses is only a thin roll of gold bronzing paper, which can hot stamp the required graphics and texts onto the printed products to show gold. Generally, the graphics and texts of bronzing will not be too complex. To be exact, the graphics and texts printed by the bronzing machine will not show the combination of multiple colors to form a beautiful painting, but even if it is only a single color, it can also make the products shine. There is also a silver ironing machine corresponding to it. For the same reason, it is only that the gold gilding paper is replaced by a layer of silver gilding paper. Of course, its color is not limited to gold and silver, but these two colors are common colors used to sublimate the advanced sense of equipment. The bronzing machine plays an immeasurable role in both flat packaging boxes and curved bottles.


The principle of heat transfer printing is similar to that of bronzing, except that it no longer uses single-color bronzing paper. It preprints the pattern on the surface of the film and then displays the pictures and texts on the film on the substrate by heating. Heat transfer printing is usually used for the printing of plane products. It is mostly used for a picture with more complex printing and more color combinations. The printed pictures and texts can be colorful and brightly colored, It can be printed on products with a large surface area. However, the printing effect of heat transfer printing will not have a concave-convex feeling, and the adhesion ability of multiple layers is not stable enough.


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