What Is Sublimation Printer?

March 23,2022

With the continuous upgrading of various functions of smart phones, especially the upgrading of photographing functions, the mobile photo printer market came into being. Therefore, the demand for printers is also greatly growing. 


In this paper, we will mainly talk about the sublimation printer.


sublimation printer


What Is Sublimation Printer?


Thermal sublimation printer is the best partner of digital camera. Thermal sublimation printing is mainly an instrument that transfers pigment to printing medium by using thermal energy. It can control the proportion and intensity of color through different temperatures adjusted by semiconductor heating elements. It has the characteristics of continuous color gradation. And the printed images are fine and lubricate like spray, which is especially suitable for delicate delicate skin texture requirements such as portrait. And it also has the characteristics of long preservation and no fading.


Features Of Thermal Sublimation Printing


  1. Among all color printers, thermal sublimation printer has the best output effect.
  2. Coating function is a unique function of thermal sublimation printer. Because the thermal sublimation printer is mainly used to print photos, and after coating the photos, the overall color feeling will be brighter and brighter. It also has the functions of water drainage and oxidation resistance. In terms of preservation, it is longer than the photos produced by traditional laser printers.
  3. The printing speed is slow. Because the thermal sublimation printer prints in three primary colors, the paper has to go back and forth in the printing channel for each color, so it needs to go three times to complete a printing task. Therefore, the efficiency of thermal sublimation printer is much slower than that of laser printer.