What Is the Difference Between An Inkjet Printer and a Laser Printer?

June 23,2022

Nowadays, printers have also become a necessity for many families and an essential office supply for company offices. Because of the stimulation of these needs, making printers popular, now we commonly use two kinds of inkjet printers and laser printers, two kinds of printers can be said to have advantages and disadvantages, let's take a look.


The difference between inkjet printers and laser printers


inkjet printers


First of all, the difference between the two imaging technology used above


The principle of inkjet printers is to complete the printing and coloring process through digital circuitry to control the print nozzle array of ink particles. The principle of laser printers is the use of laser scanning imaging technology, so that the developer drum charged with static electricity to attract toner, while heating rollers to heat the paper to melt the toner in the paper so as to complete the thermal imaging printing process; the other is a two-sided laser printer can achieve automatic two-sided printing, while inkjet printers generally need to use manual paper feed in order to achieve two-sided printing.


The difference between the two print clarity


In terms of clarity alone, inkjet printers are definitely better than laser printers, you know that the upper limit of laser printer resolution is only 1200dpi, is not available for printing high-quality pictures, while inkjet printers can print 4000dip ~ 9600dip photos.


The difference in the use of supplies


According to the principle of printing technology, we know that inkjet printing supplies are ink, by controlling the position of ink particles on the paper so as to present different printing effects; laser printer is through the laser scanning technology will need to print the text or pictures through electrostatic adsorption toner heated to form the print data, so the laser printer supplies are toner. In addition, because of the difference in their supplies, the two maintenance methods will also be different. Inkjet printers are not used for a long time, the cartridge will dry up and can not be used properly will also lead to nozzle clogging, so you need to regularly make should the printer print documents, while laser printers do not have this requirement.