What Kind of Heat Transfer Film is High Quality?

February 23,2022

What kind of heat transfer film is high quality?

If you want to know whether the heat transfer film you purchased is of high quality, you can test it through the following four points.



Whether the lettering film is easy to engrave, cut, or waste.



The convenience of hot stamping the lettering film and the problem of waste disposal.


The thermal transfer film falls off when it is ironed

That is, the problem of water washing, and the hot melt adhesive has sufficient time to meet and eat. It is not easy to wash off and so on.


The PU thermal transfer film is hot stamped on the garment, how elastic is it, whether it is cracked when pulled, etc.


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How to test whether thermal transfer stamping is firm?

Thermal transfer hot stamping transfers the pattern to the substrate by high-temperature hot pressing, and there are two ways to test its firmness.


  1. Washing

Garment heat transfer can pass the AATCC American standard testing machine, the water temperature is 40 degrees, 60 minutes per time, and can be washed more than 20 times.


  1. Elasticity test

The elastic fabric can be stretched. If the edge warps or falls off during the process of stretching the fabric, the heat transfer is not elastic enough and the fastness is not good.


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