What is the Difference between Thermal Sublimation Paper and Thermal Transfer Paper?

April 20,2022

At present, the heat transfer paper is made of heat sublimation paper imported from Japan and c-aw heat transfer paper imported from the United States. I wonder if you know the difference between thermal sublimation paper and thermal transfer paper. I'll explain it to you today.


 thermal transfer paper


Both thermal sublimation paper and thermal transfer paper use thermal transfer ink, but the difference between them is that thermal sublimation paper belongs to coated paper, which sublimates the ink onto the object through high temperature. Thermal transfer paper is where the ink penetrates the adhesive layer through high temperature, and the adhesive layer penetrates the cloth through high temperature. Therefore, compared with thermal sublimation paper, it has a better hand feel and good air permeability, but thermal transfer paper will have a hard hand feel, not special air permeability.


Heat transfer paper is special paper for hot stamping, with a layer of colloidal objects on it. Use a printer to print a pattern on the paper and put it on the clothes. Use a hot stamping machine or an electric iron to transfer that layer of glue to the fabric at a high temperature. A layer of glue will cover the clothes and feel it with your hand.


Thermal sublimation paper is used for cups, porcelain, nonpure cotton fabrics, etc. it must be used with thermal sublimation ink. The principle adopted is that the printer mirrors the pattern on the sublimation paper, and then sublimates and transfers the ink to the fabric or coated cup at a high temperature with a hot stamping machine. The ink component penetrates the fabric and coating. There is no special hand feeling with a hand touch, but the pure cotton fabric does not absorb the color.


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