Why is PET Film Heat Transfer Printer so Popular?

January 06,2022

With the advent of digital printing, more and more people start to use PET film heat transfer printers. Why is the PET film heat transfer printer so popular? What are its main advantages? Today, in this blog, I will analyze several main reasons.


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Reason 1: Long-term preservation


For companies, there is generally only one file that is kept for a long time. If it is improperly preserved, then more effort will be needed to re-create the document. This increases the repetitiveness and timeliness of the work. But the PET film heat transfer printer perfectly solves this problem. It can stand the test of time.


Reason 2: Text does not fade


Because of the material and color issues, the documents copied by the previous printers are difficult to retain until now. However, the popular thermal transfer printers perfectly solve the problem of text fading. This allows many companies to save more expenses and reduce the investment of labor costs.


The text printed by the PET film heat transfer printer will not change color even if it encounters high temperatures.


In short, the PET film heat transfer printer is a perfect office supply. Because of it, our work efficiency has improved a lot. If you are about to buy a new PET film heat transfer printer, you can contact us.