Why plastic industry invest in laser cutting machine

September 15,2021

Plastic bottles, oem 2-CUP CARRIER or oem 4-CUP CARRIER in takeaway packaging, oem PP LID FOR PAPER BOWL in McDonald's, etc., they can be seen everywhere.  As you can see people's demand for plastic products is constantly rising, so the core competitiveness is top concern. However, the laser cutting machine is a good investment in making it happen. OK, now let's focus on them.


Why plastic industry invest in laser cutting machine


  • The laser cutting machine has no mold consumption, so there is no need to repair and change molds, saving time and processing costs. Very occasionally need to process small batches or large pieces of plastic products.
  • Solve the practical problems of rapid cleaning in the process of plastic cutting, welding, engraving, and drilling.
  • The laser cutting machine is non-contact and operates on a computer. After the product drawing is formed, laser processing can be performed immediately, and new plastic products can be obtained in the shortest time.
  • Acrylic handicrafts in the laser cutting industry can be stored for a long time without discoloration or moisture.


Co2 Laser Cutting Machine


Compared with traditional processing methods


The traditional processing method is to directly apply the drill bit to the easily deformable plastic workpiece. In order to meet the production requirements, reprocessing is required, the production speed will be very slow, and the accuracy will not meet the requirements. However, laser cutting machine processing can avoid these shortcomings, greatly accelerate the development of plastic products, and accelerate the application of plastics in this field.


Plastic laser cutting machine


If your product does not meet the demand, you can find a plastic laser cutting machine on the market. They are mainly used to cut various polymer materials such as engineering plastics, general-purpose plastics, and foam plastics.



  • Simple operation, precise cutting and fast speed
  • Individualized with machining process and precision
  • Simulation display of laser head running track
  • Multiple path optimization functions
  • The use of Jinyun's unique automatic typesetting system ensures maximum material savings and cost savings, and is especially suitable for cutting fur and various leather fabrics.


Can they be used for soup containers?


Normally, it depends on your soup container material and design requirements. It is best to seek laser cutting machine manufacturers. If you are a stackable paper lid for soup container supplier, for paper lid, plastic laser cutting machine seems a bit difficult. We can't see the specific products and your specific requirements, the best advice, according to your product to ask the manufacturer.


If you are a plastic chip scoop supplier and have not tried the laser cutting machines bringing you benefits, now is the time to try them. I think you don't want to see your chip scoop in large quantity delayed shipment due to production problems, so, searching for them now without any hesitation.