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Printers for dtf transfers

Vorteile von DTF-Druckern

DTF (Direct-to-Film) is a transfer printing utilized process to generate top-quality designs materials and clothes. Today, where technology has advanced rapidly, printing has changed into a necessary aspect of business or personal usage. It is just a new and innovative method printing designs on garments, that has several importance over traditional printing methods. One of the latest and most innovative technology these days is dtf-Drucker.

Additionally, Xin Flying DTF printing allows you to transfer intricate designs patterns onto transfer movie hassle-free. The capability of this technology to make high-resolution prints is incomparable, thus describing its ever-increasing demand. The key advantage is that the designs are high-quality, durable, and usually do not diminish quickly. With the employment of DTF printers, it is possible to create designs in vibrant colors that stays vibrant even with multiple washes.

Innovation der DTF-Drucker

DTF printing machines Xin Flying would be the latest innovation in the printing industry. In this manner, the ink shall connect utilizing the fabric and produce a smooth, complete product that may keep going longer. Unlike the traditional printing techniques, DTF printers use an inkjet technologies that infuses the ink straight onto the transfer film.

DTF printers use UV and water-resistant ink which means that prints created with DTF-Maschine can withstand harsh climate like the sunlight, rain, and snow. Thanks to this known level of innovation, DTF printers are gaining popularity as they provide, a low-maintenance polyester film that produces garments less susceptible to scratches and damage from everyday strategies.

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