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Heat transfer sublimation ink is mainly produced in the United States and South Korea. The color of American heat transfer sublimation ink and South Korea heat transfer sublimation ink is fresh and thick, and the pattern printed on paper is light and clear. After heat transfer by heat transfer machine, the image is clear and the color reduction is high, which is also the advantage of imported heat transfer sublimation ink.


Most of the manufacturers of heat transfer sublimation ink in China are concentrated in southern cities. Although the price is much cheaper than that in the United States and South Korea, the color of domestic heat transfer sublimation ink is darker and printed on paper with high chromaticity. After transfer printing, the color restoration is poor. Due to the high density of transfer ink, it is easy to block the printer nozzle, and the imported heat transfer sublimation ink can avoid this phenomenon.


Our company has a variety of sublimation inks, according to color, they can be divided into white sublimation ink, red sublimation ink and 6 color sublimation ink... According to the model, they can be divided into sublimation ink for epson 7720 and sublimation ink for epson 7710...


If you need sublimation ink for epson ecotank or the best sublimation ink for epson, please contact us.