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What’s the benefits of sublimation paper?


The sublimation process includes printing a design onto a sublimation paper and then pressing it to a garment. It is similar to the heat transferring process but the pictures printed by sublimation method will be firmer than the latter due to the secret of sublimation ink.


In addition, sublimation works on a wide variety of hard surfaces with a poly-coating. So it allows you to customize coasters, jewelry, mugs, puzzles and much more with your beloved pictures and colors.


Why pictures printed in a garment is firmer by sublimation process?


When sublimation ink is heated, it turns from a solid to a gas that allows itself to enter  into the fabric of a garment. When it cools, it turns back to a solid. So it will become a permanent part of the fabric embedded itself into the fabric.


Three different sizes sublimation paper are available, including 13x19 sublimation paper, 8.5 x 14 sublimation paper and 11x17 sublimation paper. Three types of sublimation paper are also available including butcher paper for sublimation, sublimation paper for dark shirts and best sublimation paper for dark shirts.