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Dtf sublimation printing

DTF Sublimation Printing: A Cutting-edge and Safe Way to Print Stunning Designs

Looking for methods to printing designs being amazing your tees, caps, bags, or any other materials? DTF sublimation printing could be the solution! Xin Flying DTF-Sublimationsdruck is short for "direct-to-film, " meaning the ink is transported straight onto a movie special may be connected to the material. This method provides benefits that are a couple of old-fashioned sublimation publishing, which we shall explore.

Top features of DTF Sublimation Printing

One of the many benefits of DTF sublimation printing is the fact that it allows for lots more colors being vibrant sharper designs. The ink is consumed straight because of the movie, which means no ink that definitely an excess wasted or dispersed to your atmosphere. The colors are truer therefore the relative lines are crisper as a result of this. Also, DTF printing works together a wider variety of materials, including cotton, that can easily be perhaps not ideal for old-fashioned sublimation publishing.

An additional benefit of DTF sublimation printing would be the fact that it takes less power and conditions that are reduced a great many other publishing techniques. This decreases the carbon impact and causes it to even be a choicer eco-friendly. Plus, the ink found in Xin Flying DTF-Sublimationsdrucker is water-based, meaning its without having any chemicals that are harmful secure when it comes to surroundings.


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