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24 inch 2 Pcs I3200 Printerheads DTF Printer

24 inch 2 Pcs I3200 Printerheads DTF Printer

l E602 24-inch DTF printer is currently the best-selling machine of its kind in the market. Its stable production process minimizes post-sales issues, making it a reliable choice for users. With a printing speed of 12 square meters per hour, it meets the production needs of most garment manufacturers. The machine has demonstrated its reliability by consistently exporting around 300 units per month.

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The DTF (Direct to Film) printer is a specialized device designed for direct printing on a specific type of film. This technology is primarily employed in textile printing, especially for creating patterns and designs on customized T-shirts and other textile products. The main applications of DTF printers include:

1.Textile Printing: DTF printers are used to print patterns on various textiles, including T-shirts, hats, bags, and more. They provide users with the capability to achieve high resolution, vibrant, and intricate designs on textiles.

2.Personalized Customization: DTF technology allows users to customize designs according to customer requirements, enabling the creation of unique designs to meet specific brand, event, or individual needs.

3.Fast Production: DTF printers typically have high printing speeds, making them an ideal choice for rapidly producing small batches of customized products. This is advantageous for small businesses or entrepreneurs.

4.Printing Quality: DTF technology offers high resolution and excellent print quality, allowing for the reproduction of complex patterns and details on textiles.

Quick Detail

Place of Origin:

Guangzhou China

Brand Name:


Model Number:




Minimum Order Quantity:


Packaging Details:

Wooden packing

Delivery Time:


Payment Terms:




Printhead and Quantity

I3200-A1 2PCS

Printing Speed

4 Pass 12/h

Printing Width

24 inch

Media Type

Pet Film

RIP Software




Power/ Voltage

1600W / 220V/110V

Machine Dimension


Package Dimension


Net Weight


Gross Weight



Rewinding Function

Automatic induction winding

Fan Control

Shake powder control, dusting control,direction and quantity control

Material Delivery Method

Mesh belt conveyor,conductive belt

Rated Voltage


Rated Power


Machine Dimension


Package Dimension

Net Weight



Gross Weight


Competitive Advantage

1.Increased Printing Speed: Having two print heads allows for simultaneous printing, effectively doubling the printing speed compared to a single-head printer. This is particularly beneficial for high-volume printing or large-format jobs.

2.Enhanced Productivity: The higher printing speed contributes to overall productivity by reducing the time required to complete print jobs. This is advantageous for businesses that prioritize efficiency and quick turnaround times.

3.Color Diversity: Each print head can be dedicated to a specific color or type of ink, enabling a broader color spectrum. This is useful for applications that demand a variety of colors and shades.

4.Cost-Effective: While not as complex as printers with more heads, a two-head DTF printer can still offer a good balance between performance and cost. It provides increased efficiency without the higher investment associated with printers featuring more print heads.

5.Versatility in Color Mixing: Two print heads allow for basic color mixing, facilitating the reproduction of a range of colors and shades. This versatility is crucial for achieving accurate and vibrant prints.

6.Compact Size: Two-head DTF printers are generally more compact than those with more heads, making them suitable for businesses with limited space. This can be an essential factor for small studios or shops.

7.Ease of Maintenance: With fewer heads, maintenance may be simpler and less time-consuming. This can result in less downtime and reduced maintenance costs, contributing to overall cost-effectiveness.

8.Entry-Level Option: Two-head DTF printers can serve as a suitable entry-level option for businesses entering the DTF printing market. They provide a balance between functionality and affordability, making them accessible for a broader range of users.