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24 Inch Dual i3200 Printerheads DTF Printer

24 Inch Dual i3200 Printerheads DTF Printer

The default configuration of the C602 DTF printer includes two EPSON I3200 print heads, combined with a board from Hoson. This combination significantly enhances stability. The automatic cleaning feature from Inkstack effectively prolongs the lifespan of the print heads, saving on depreciation costs. In comparison to other powder-shaking machines, the C650H effectively reduces the footprint.

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The DTF (Direct to Film) printer is a specialized device designed for direct printing on a specific type of film. This technology is primarily employed in textile printing, especially for creating patterns and designs on customized T-shirts and other textile products. The main applications of DTF printers include:

1.Textile Printing: DTF printers are used to print patterns on various textiles, including T-shirts, hats, bags, and more. They provide users with the capability to achieve high resolution, vibrant, and intricate designs on textiles.

2.Personalized Customization: DTF technology allows users to customize designs according to customer requirements, enabling the creation of unique designs to meet specific brand, event, or individual needs.

3.Fast Production: DTF printers typically have high printing speeds, making them an ideal choice for rapidly producing small batches of customized products. This is advantageous for small businesses or entrepreneurs.

4.Printing Quality: DTF technology offers high resolution and excellent print quality, allowing for the reproduction of complex patterns and details on textiles.

5.Versatility with Materials: In addition to textiles, DTF printers can also print on various other materials, such as leather, wood, metal, and more.

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Guangzhou China

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Wooden packing

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Printhead and Quantity

2Pcs Epson i3200-A1

Printing Speed

4pass:12㎡/h 6 pass:10㎡/h

Printing Width


Media Type

Pet Film

RIP Software





1600W /220V/110

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Machine Dimension


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Gross Weight


Competitive Advantage

The pairing of the C602 with the EPSON I3200 print head significantly enhances your production quality.

1.High Resolution: The I3200 offers high-resolution printing, allowing for sharp and detailed output. This is crucial for applications where fine details are essential, such as photo printing or graphics.

2.Precision and Accuracy: The print head is designed to deliver precise and accurate placement of ink droplets. This precision is crucial for achieving vibrant colors and maintaining print quality.

3.Fast Printing Speeds: The I3200 is known for its ability to handle high printing speeds without compromising print quality. This makes it suitable for applications that require both speed and quality, such as commercial printing.

4.Durable Construction: EPSON print heads are often built to be durable and reliable, with a design that minimizes wear and tear. This contributes to a longer lifespan and consistent performance over time.

5.Versatility: The I3200 is versatile and compatible with various types of inks and printing materials. This flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of printing applications.

6.Innovative Technology: EPSON incorporates advanced technologies into their print heads, such as precision piezo-electric technology. This technology allows for accurate control of ink droplet size and placement.

7.Consistent Quality: EPSON is known for its commitment to delivering consistent print quality. The I3200 print head is designed to maintain this high level of quality throughout its lifespan.