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Then an UV DTF printer may be the one for you. UV DTF if you are in search of a printer that may print on dark materials and materials stands for "ultraviolet direct-to-fabric," and it's a kind of printer that uses special inks lights to print directly onto fabric with no need for transfer paper. Xin Flying direct to film printers has become increasingly popular in modern times due to its ability to print on dark fabrics and produce high-quality vibrant prints and durable. With this technology, you might be now able to print your designs on tees, bags, as well as other fabric items with simplicity.

2. Great Things About Using An UV DTF Printer

For starters, UV DTF printing has a fast turnaround, rendering it perfect if you need fast and efficient printing services. Unlike other printing methods, UV DTF printing doesn't need any drying time so you can print and begin using your garments immediately. The options that come with utilizing a Xin Flying dtf printer for beginners is wide ranging.

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