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Direct transfer film printing

Direct Transfer Film Printing: A New and Safe Way to Print.

Printing has come a long way times early presses, and after this we have new printing technologies that have revolutionized the ways we print. direct transfer film printing is one of those innovative technologies which includes taken the printing world by storm, just like the Xin Flying's product called dtf pet transfer film. We’ll explore everything required to know about direct transfer film printing – what it is, how to utilize it, why it is so great, and where it is helpful.

What Is Direct Transfer Film Printing?

Direct transfer film printing are a printing method a film are printed with ink and then transferred onto a substrate, along with the uv dtf printers created by Xin Flying. This technique is not the same as traditional printing methods that involve printing directly onto the substrate. With direct transfer film printing, the ink is printed onto a special film, squeezed onto the substrate, transferring the printed image onto it.

Why choose Xin Flying Direct transfer film printing?

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