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Dtf sublimation

What is DTF Sublimation?
DTF is short for "direct-to-film," which implies that instead of employing sublimation traditional, the ink is directly moved from a movie through the textile. Xin Flying uv dtf film is a fresh and method this can be exciting of onto materials, such as tees, hats, and bags. This process is revolutionary, and it has advantages that are numerous printing this can be old-fashioned.

Benefits of DTF Sublimation

One of the many advantages being main the fact it enables a wider range this can be wide of to be used. Meaning that designers have more choices for customizing their products or services or services or solutions. Traditional sublimation printing only works on at materials minimal 60% polyester, but Xin Flying uv dtf sticker printer can work with nearly any fabric, including cotton and blends.

Why choose Xin Flying Dtf sublimation?

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