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Dtf printing transfers

What is dtf printing transfers?

It's a brand new technology by Xin Flying that has been making waves in the printing business. This printing technique is a lot simpler and easier to utilize when compared to more traditional Printing practices while offering several advantages.

Advantages of DTF Printing Transfer

The dtf printing machine of Xin Flying can finish the job in minutes, making it ideal for businesses that need to create a large amount. Moreover, it does not have any dependence on preparing the displays like other conventional printing techniques. One of the most significant advantages may be the effectiveness with this process. It is quicker, less complicated with lower cost of labor.

An even more vibrant and realistic looks. The DTF printing transfer with the DTF printing machine, be able to print any design or image we want with a resolution up to 2880 dpi, creating a design that requires high resolution image may be impractical for other printing methods. Another benefit was its flexibility.

Why choose Xin Flying Dtf printing transfers?

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